Hey everyone, welcome to the ScubaOtter about us page. If you’re here, I assume you want to learn a little bit more about the people involved with the site.

My name is Austin Tuwiner (the one on the left), and I’m the owner of Scubaotter.

I started scuba diving from 16 and want to do my part to help bring this hobby to more people.

On the website you’ll find content written by scuba divers from across the world with a variety of backgrounds.

What seperates Scubaotter from other similar dive websites, is that no content is ever written without a team member touching the equipment,diving the site, or being knowledgable in a subject area.

What We Offer

Dive Site Reviews

Anyone person with a keyboard can write an article about how beautiful a dive site is. We value expertise and passion. All dive sites in our database are created by dive instructors in that place or Scubaotter team members who visited for a significant amount of time.

Scuba Diving and Outdoor Product Reviews

Similar to dive locaitons, there’s no use writing about scuba diving equipment you’ve never used in the field. All Scubaotter producr reviews have been worn and tested by a team member.

Scubaotter Blog

The Scubaotter Blog is a place for us to discuss anything scuba diving. This can be anything from current events, new equipment, underwater species, and more.

Have an idea for a blog post? Please contact us to discuss contributing to the site!

Liveaboard Reviews & Database

This is where it gets tricky. We’re not going to claim each liveaboard we discuss has been done by a Scubaotter team members. This isn’t realistic.

However, we do have team members who have diven in the locations these liveaboards have visited allowing us to provide informative information about what the diving is like.

We’ll disclose which liveaboards members have visited and the ones that we haven’t. Clarity and honesty are some of the highest values to the Scubaotter team.