This page will compare and contrast you different options for scuba diving tanks. Having a tank thats comfortable yet practical for having a great dive.

As it relates to scuba diving, certain things are considered necessary such as the Scuba tank. This is so because there is practically no Scuba diving without the tank which supplies air to the diver. So if you are a scuba diver and you have been renting tanks, you might not be aware of its intricacies as the seemingly simple process of acquiring a Scuba tank needs some information.

If you choose to keep renting, you will find this piece useful and even when you finally decide to get yours. We have also compiled a comprehensive list of best scuba tanks which would be suitable for you based on your preference.

Catalina 80cf Aluminum Tank Regular Valve

Catalina 80cf Aluminum Tank

This brand is a household name in the scuba diving community and the most popular in the equipment rental sector. So, if you have for once rented a scuba tank, there is a strong likelihood that it was a Catalina model. The tank made from high-grade aluminum is light as well, weighing only 31 pounds. It also features a Pro Valve.

Just like other tanks by this brand, it has passed all safety requirements and inspection which earned it both the VIP sticker and the Hydro stamp. It is made from aluminum so divers don’t have to worry about rusting though it won’t offer you the same type of resistance as steel.

Speaking of safety now, you might have to go with this Scuba tank- owing to the fact that the cylinder is tough and secure. This tank has an updated VIP sticker and has also received a Hydro stamp. All these attributes combined guarantees the highest quality in a cylinder.

This cylinder can boast of 3,000 PSI of pressure as it comes equipped with a 3/4 – 14 NPSM thread, which is standard for a tank of this pressure. This tank has a high compression K-valve that is stainless steel but also chrome plated which accounts for its great efficiency. Also, with an average weight of about 35 pounds, it would be comfortable for divers to back. With its usual bright yellow color, divers can easily track one another in group diving.

Luxfer Compact Brushed Aluminum 80 CF Tank

For some divers, the idea of carrying a heavy backpack isn’t really their thing, but features of this tank might fit their demand as Luxfer Compact Brushed tank is way shorter than many of other cylinders capable of managing same capacity.

It weighs just 35 pounds with The max fill pressure for this tank is 3300 PSI or 228 Bar. Notably, the most pronounced quality of the tank is the high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6 which the tank is made of giving it leverage over other options in tank.

It also comes with a Pro Valve which makes the tank work with both yoke as well as DIN attachments. It is very comfortable with underwater and has a VIP inspection sticker and a fresh Hydro stamp.

Faber FX Series 100 cu ft High-Pressure Blue Steel Tank

Actually, this is the most expensive Scuba cylinder on our list but and with 3442 PSI, it would best suit experienced divers or perhaps you intend to dive frequently, this would be a good choice. So long the cylinder is well kept and taken care of, it would last for a long time. With about 34.3 pounds, it will be capable of holding a great deal of air.

This cylinder has been adequately tested and passed of the requisite safety requirements. Not only does the tank boast of a VIP sticker and the Hydro stamp, but it also received a seal of approval from the Department of Transportation. Notably, the tank is safe for travel and transport so long it is not subject to overfilling.

IORMAN Original 6.8L Scuba Diving Air Tank

Iorman Original scuba tank has several distinguishing elements which include carbon fibre encapsulated in a protective fibreglass layer which constitutes its exterior, the interior liner of the cylinder is made from aluminum.

With proper maintenance, the cylinder is built to last for about 15 years. The cylinder is also very light, weighing only about 4 Kilogram in total, regardless, its pressure capability is at 4500 PSI, which is clearly commendable.

Apparently, this balance is managed by a high-pressure gas cylinder valve, though its durability isn’t certain because it hasn’t been used it for long. It is an international brand with no VIP sticker or Hydro stamp but it is definitely CCS/CE certificated.

Cyl-Tec 80CF Scuba Diving Tank

This diving tank is very cheap! In fact, it is relatively the most affordable option here. The tank is also very simple to use, so if you are a beginner, you might want to fancy this. Though it might be slightly heavy and a bit too long if you are short, but for that price, this is a good deal. With an air capacity of eighty cubic feet with 3000 PSI and a Nitrox ready tank, it could accommodate mixes of up to 40 percent.

This tank is built to the specifications of both the American and the Canadian Departments of Transportation and its high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6 accounts for its durability. It has also been verified by after safety departments guaranteeing its safety. Most importantly, the tank has received a VIP sticker as well as the Hydro seal of approval.


Maintenance is key to every equipment, and its place in Scuba diving tanks cannot be overemphasized, whether you subscribe to steel or aluminum, maintenance is necessary especially as regards safety inspections such as VIP and Hydro. That aside, while an aluminum tank will need more attention to the exterior of the tank, the steel tanks will require more attention to the interior.


On a final note, this piece was compiled in such a way that Scuba divers will be able to choose according to various specifications. For a frequent or professional diver, Faber Blue Steel FX tank is a suitable option.

Should you need a lightweight tank, Iorman would be the best option. For persons that are short or small in size,it would be reasonable to go for Luxfer Compact tank. This piece would serve as a guide for you no matter what category of Scuba diver you fall under.