If you are keen on night diving, then you might find this guide extremely useful and helpful.

One of the significant advantages when exploring the water depths at night is that many fish are active at that time.

You might see enormous and dangerous sharks, beautiful octopuses or squids, or many other fascinating creatures.

The crucial thing when it comes to night diving would be to have a high-quality diving light to support your vision.

Don’t get me wrong here, you might see exceptionally well in the dark, but when it comes to water territories, things take another turn.

That’s why it’s crucially important for you to have top-notch flashlights. They help create a straight and clear zone in front of your eyes allowing you to see any creature that goes in front of you.

Besides diving lights, other things are a must to create a successful night diving campaign.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into it:


The first and foremost would be your diving destination. Picking a well known and familiar destination can make your diving experience much more natural and enjoyable.

That way, you’ll be able to avoid any unknown water paths that might get you lost. And this is something that you definitely want to escape for many reasons.

Little To No Obstacles

This section could be accounted to the “Destination,” however, it requires special attention. When picking your diving place, try finding a destination without obstacles.

Especially when night diving, obstacles create a significant dose of jeopardy for you or any other diver you dive with. Having your head stumbled on a hard and sturdy rock is the last thing you would want to happen.

Daylight Preparations

Some people would say this is something unimportant, but our opinion, of the professional divers, is that it is essential to get your stuff ready during the day.

Night preparations cause a substantial amount of problems such as “I can’t find my stuff, turn the lights on” or “My eyes got tired, I need to rest a bit.”

That’s why preparing your diving equipment during the day can save you a ton of unnecessary, yet mind-blowing issues.

Diving Lights

After diving location, having a proper diving light could be the next most crucial thing. Just imagine you’re missing your lights and you hop right into the water depths. What would happen?

You could simply get lost, and many more spooky things can occur that we’d not like to mention here..

Best Scuba Diving Flashlights In The Marketplace Right Now

You might already have diving flashlights, or you might not. Whatever the case, we’ve made it easy for you by selecting two of the best flashlights on the market right now.

These lights can serve you as a cool addition to your current flashlights. Or if you are just starting and searching for quality diving lights, listed below would be a perfect fit for you.

To wrap up the incredible flashlights with only a few words… simply put - high-quality and sufficient lighting. That’s all that matters when you are looking to buy scuba diving light.

VOLADOR Diving Flashlight

volador diving flashlight

When it comes to durability and affordability, there can’t be a better option than the VOLADOR Diving Flashlight. A vital feature for every professional diver would be the lifespan of its flashlight.

And that’s exactly what this scuba diving light brings to the table. Up to 50,000 hours of lighting lifespan supporting 1000 lumens. And what’s even better is that it has a strobe mode added so you can choose from low, medium and high settings.

The light runs up to 1.5 hours without having issues. Definitely a good pick for divers that like to contemplate magnificent sea creatures for more extended periods.


Built from high-quality matter so it can be your flashlight “buddy” for more extended periods. Corrosion isn’t familiar with this flashlight, and it has quite a sustainable resistance if you happen to bump your flashlight on a rock.

An incredible sealing design which allows you to dive safely up to 150 meters underwater.

A fantastic illumination. The light the diving light exudes is enough to notice a small fish moving in a range of 20 meters.


Some customers complain about having a difficult time setting the light brightness.

Goldengulf Cree XM-L2 LED Scuba Diving Flashlight Torch

Goldengulf Scuba Diving Flashlight

If you’re looking for a diving flashlight that can light up a distance up to 100 meters and crystally clear your scope, the Goldengulf flashlight might be the perfect fit for you.

Superb bright light is what you can expect from this model of a flashlight. An awesome feature is that it comes with a rechargeable battery so you can avoid the annoying charges after you have your battery life exhausted.

The aluminum design ensures that the flashlight will resist any corrosion and tear.


Aluminum design to ensure you are going to have a long-lasting experience.

Incredible lighting features that enable you to see crystally up to 100 meters on a front scope.

Quite an affordable option so every beginner can get a pair of this.


A small number of customers have complaints about experiencing difficulties when switching sliding on and off features.


orcatorch d520 light

Last but certainly not least is the Orcatorch D520. This light is the simplest and convenient light listed on this guide.

With it being all metal, there are no buttons (no matter how magnetic) to fail. The only way to activate the light is with the (very comfortable) rotary switch.

So because of that, it’s easy to rinse because there are not many nooks and crannies for salt to hide in. This has to be one of the best rotary switches I have ever used.

The glass feels is tough and refused to scratch when being scraped by a dive knife made of VG-10 steel,The inside is also coated with a corrosion-resistant brass that helps protect the light if you end up with any seawater in the light.

We cannot praise Orcatorch and Outdoor Equipment Experts enough for making this light run on one 18650 battery, and including a two-battery charger. 18650s are one of the best batteries made today, and they are very easy and cheap to find.

Most of my other lights run on them, so I have them in excess, and I only need to take one type of battery with me on my dive. This is one of those things that you don’t really think about until you have already bought the light, but are very important.

The beam angle is very appropriate for a backup light. As a backup light, I want something that has a small enough beam angle to cut through any silt to signal to my buddy. This light fits that bill.


Small size allows for it to be stowed nicely under your D-ring on your harness

Simple to use (one mode)

Very durable, can be thrown around


Scuba Diving Lights: The Buying Guide [2019]

There are a few essential things you must be aware of when looking for diving lights.

If you have something in mind, but you can’t decide if it would be a good option for your preference, this buying guide will help you make the right decision whether you are going to make that buy.

So let’s dive right into it:

Sealing design

An essential thing that every beginner or experienced diver should be aware of. A lot of people don’t know the difference between water-proof and water-resistant flashlights. And the distinction is quite considerable.

What you’re looking for here is a water-resistant flashlight. That’s because water-proof diving lights aren’t made for in-depth diving.

The water pressure might cause water to step inside a water-proof light and damage it heavily. To avoid that, aim for water-resistant diving lights.

Rechargeable Batteries

It’s not necessary, but if you already have some experience as a diver, then you know how much time, effort, and money can save you a pair of rechargeable batteries.

We definitely recommend you get a flashlight with rechargeable batteries.


Another crucial thing to keep in mind is the size. The last thing you want is to bring a large and heavy flashlight in addition to all your other diving equipment.

It can be highly inconvenient. That’s why you must take size and weight into consideration before making your final decision.

Make sure it’s comfortable enough, and you’ll be able to carry it around without much effort.

Bulb Type

Cheap and ineffective bulbs are something that you should definitely avoid for a significant number of reasons. Constant flashes and weak brightness are the main reasons you mustn’t spend money on any cheap and unreliable bulbs.

If you have a spending limit, you might go for halogen, xenon or tungsten light. However, they tend to have a weak brightness compared to high-quality bulbs such as HID or LED lamps. If you have money to spare, then go for the latter.