We get it…

You’ve scuba dived a few times now, and are tired of using rental buoyancy control devices.

You want your own.


After researching several options for buoyancy control devices, you’re left stumped.

This is where Scubaotter comes in. Below, we will compare, contrast, and review all of the best and most popular options out there.

  1. DGX Custom
  2. Cressi Start BCD
  3. Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD
  4. Cressi Travel Light BCD
  5. Scubapro Litehawk BC
  6. Sherwood Avid 400 Dive BCD
    1. DGX Custom

      This might just be the most highly reccomended starter BCD out there.

      The DGX custom comes with a basic backplate, wings, and harness at an outstanding value price of around $350.

      This DGX customs accommodates any typical aluminum AL-80, LP-85, HP-80 or HP-100 cylinders. The device is suprisingly durable, constructed out of 1000 Denier Nylon, and enhanced with urethane coated 200 Denier nylon.

      Cressi Start BCD

      This BCD is very good and recommended for beginners. For someone wanting to buy their first scuba diving gear, this is quite an excellent choice. This BCD is built to handle scratches and rough damages as it is made to be very tough.

      This BCD also holds your tank in place, so, you can be rest assured that your tank is going nowhere once you properly secure it. It also comes at a very affordable price, considering its high quality. However, this BCD is not very recommended for expert divers.

      Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD

      The Cressi Aquapro 5 is a durable BCD that is certain to last you for a long time. This BCD gives you maximum stability, and it prevents the cylinder from moving around because it makes sure that the back support is rigid.

      This BCD is also very well padded, so you are not likely to feel any discomfort or unnecessary pressure. It also boasts of three dump valves. These valves are placed very strategically to allow easy usage in any position you are in the water. This BCD is super user-friendly.

      Cressi Travel Light BCD

      This BCD is built for people who travel around very often hence, its lightness. It is very light, and it is built in a way that it can be folded and packed along with the rest of your other items in your luggage.

      It is durable, and it has provisions made so that you can add more weight to it to suit your diving conditions. This BCD does not lack in any feature of a good BCD, but it is not as strong as the other BCDs.

      Either way, it is a good choice as you can make some adjustments to it to suit your needs.

      Scubapro Litehawk BC

      This is a lightweight BCD that induces a feeling of weightlessness. It gives you a complete sense of control, weightlessness, and stability the moment you go into the water. It has a streamlined look, and it is as light as it appears to be.

      This BCD is also highly recommended as it is very soft and comfortable, offering no discomfort or constraints when you are strapped in.

      But, softness notwithstanding, this BCD is made from a very high-quality material that actually improves its durability, and you can reduce the amount of drag you incur.

      This BCD offers a tight fit regardless of the size of whoever is strapping it on because it has adjustable straps. It also has made provision for you in case you want to clip more items on it.

      Sherwood Avid 400 Dive BCD

      The Sherwood Avid 400 Dive BCD is one of the best BCDs you can get, and it is quite affordable for all the things it has to offer.

      It has a weight release system which makes it possible for you to remove and add the pockets. It makes your floating experience a very comfortable one.

      And once this BCD is inflated, it would stay that way and fit all through your dive. This BCD is extremely airtight and very, very, I can’t emphasize this enough, very durable.

      This BCD also makes provision for different body types, coming in seven different sizes. So, you know that you would definitely find a size that’d fit you just fine. This is a highly recommended BCD.

      ## Conclusion

      I hope this article helps in picking the right BCD gear for you. Always remember that one of the most significant factors in selecting a gear is the price. Most BCDs have similar features, so it is advisable to stay in a price range that works for you while still using a good BCD that provides safety and quality.

      Here is a quick video demonstrating buoyancy control with a BCD.