We get it. You’re here to purchase a scuba diving mask.


There’s so many options out there, you’re not really sure which one to get.

Well… welcome to ScubaOtter! This page will compare and contrast you different options for scuba diving and snorkeling masks.

Having a comfortable and clear mask is vital to having a great dive. As someone who has had dives ruined by poor vision, I have learned that this is one piece of equipment to go for quality on.

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Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Mask & Snorkel

First up we have this gem. The Phantom Aquatics Masks comes equpped with a snorkel allowing it to funciton as both a snorkel and scuba diving mask.

The mask is extremely resilient as it is constructed from polycarbonate and tempered glass. By being much more resilient than its counter parts, it can support higher pressure enviroments.

The mask also features an EZ Equalize nose pocket. This feature makes equalizing a much easier task. We reccomend this mask for beginner divers.

After some testing, we did notice that this mask can fog up under certain conditions. To counteract this, try using anti fog. Due to this, we rank this mask slightly lower on the fog resistance category.

Overall, this mask is a great and comfortable option for those looking for a cheap beginner mask that can be used for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set

Next up is Cressi.

Out of all masks mentioned here, the Cressi is likely the cheapest. Although it’s cheaper, it does not lack in quality. The mask features a snorkel and attachment allowing you to remove it on the fly.

The Cressi lacks a frame which makes it more affordable and lighter. After extended periods of time, you will certainly notice the difference in wait from other masks.

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Cressi DS336950 Scuba Diving Big Eyes Evolution Mask Black/HD Mirrored Lenses

While this masks is a bit pricey, it is certainly worth the price tag. This is my highest rated mask as long as price is not the determing factor.

You may be wondering…

Why am I so confident you’ll LOVE this mask?

One of the most amazing things about the mask is that it uses double injection silicon skirt technology.

I know… you probably have no idea what this is. Let me explain.

By adding two layers of silicon, the mask fits the contours of the face better like a glove. This mask most likely fits the widest range of facial structures. Whats even better about this mask is that the air tight seal adds an extra layer of comfort.

The securing back strap is also made from silicon which makes it more comfortable against the back of your head. On some of my dives, I’ve had an uncomfortable backstrap that rubbed against my hair. This almost ruined my otherwise amazing dive.

Now to the lenses…

This mask uses inclined lenses to give you a better view of the sea floor. This occurs due to the lenses being much closer to your eyes proportionally than other masks. This also increases stability and visibility when diving.

Last but not least, a small but cool factor is the low volume frame. By being low volume, the mask can be purged while using slightly less air than other popular options.

And of course… this mask is adjustable allowing it to fit several sizes.

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Oceanic Cyanea

This is a slightly more expensive mask for a few reasons. First off, it is constructed with ultra clear liquid silicone and extremely clear optical glass.

The mask also features simple buckles making it easy to remove the mask if needed.

The skirt has a double feathered edge with extremely soft liquid silicone.

I don’t know about you… but this color combonation is amazing!! I’m a huge fan of light green on black. This combo may not be for everyone, but it is certainly unique and the fish will love it.

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Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask Scuba Diving Snorkeling

This atomic aquatics mask is another popular option for beginner scuba divers. Similar to Cressi, this mask is frameless causing it to be more afforadble and lighter.

There are some reviews saying this mask is difficult to fit but I’ve had no issues. The mask is easy to adjust and is comfortable on the back of the head. In terms of style… this mask is almost as mundane as it can get. We know this isn’t a factor thats important for everyone though.

The lenses on this mask are also somewhat close to the eyes which not everyone is used to.

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Best Scuba Diving Mask Ranking Factors

Fog Resistance

There is absoultely nothing worse than scuba diving with a foggy mask. You go so far out of your way to see the beautiful scenery, only to have it fog up because you didn’t get the right mask.

Make Sure It’s Air Tight

Another annoying thing when scuba diving is to have an air leak, causing water to slowly seep into your vision. A leak resistant mask will be one that fits to your face well.

It has to be Comfortable

Having an uncomfortable mask is almost as bad as some of these other common issues. In order to find a comfortable mask, you will most likey have to try some in person. However, if you want to order one online we have assorted all the reviews on popular masks to find some of the comfiest masks out there.

Might As Well Look Good

This and our next factor are ot as important, but defintely something to consider for any scuba diver. There are sveeral designs of masks to choose from, and this guide will compare and contrast some of the trendiest options out there.


This may not be a factor for all of you, but it is something that must be considered when shopping for your mask. All masks prices will be taken into consideration.


And there you have it, some of the best scuba dive masks on the market in 2019. Check out this cool video showing how to best use the mask snorkel combo.