Having scuba diving fins that are comfortable yet effective are one of the best ways to enhance your scuba diving experience. However, some people aren’t able to repeadetly test out different fins.

This is the exact reason ScubaOtter created this guide. After reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what fins you’ll need to have the best dives of your life.

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Cressi Agua Short Fins

Cressi Agua Short fins, as the name suggests, has relatively short fins when compared to average fins. They not only easy to pack, but it also gives greater control of them. They are very comfortable as they don’t tend to stress the ankles when kicking. Their short length provides room for great flexibility as well. If you would not be snorkeling for long, short fins are practically the best.

When using short fins for longer snorkeling trips, you might get tired easily owing to the fact that they require more effort. Based on this, I would recommend you opt for longer fins for longer trips. I have also heard that people with larger feet do have difficulty finding the right fit for them, I’m not sure about this though.

ANGGO Short Dive Fins

This is the best fin for beginners as they are easy to slip on and off. Also, newbies will find it comfortable to walk around in the water while wearing the fins and not fall over. They have sleek designs with a wide variety of bright colors. Just like other short fins, they don’t take too much space in your suitcase when you are going on vacation. However, it requires you to expend more energy.

The fins provide the diver with the requisite support needed underwater because they are quite flexible. They have a bunch of accessories as well. Its maintenance is simple, and there are two pads which ensure that the fins are not bent out of shape when they are not put to use. It has a mesh bag, so it is easy to carry and move around.

Cressi Palau Short Snorkel Fins

With no prejudice to other fins, this has proven to be the most versatile fin as they can be used both in the swimming pool and at the beach. They help overcome fatigue which is usually associated with short fins. These fins are designed in a way that while your muscles get a good workout, you won’t get tired quickly. It is also good for people who have only just started using swim fins.

If you have little wider feet, this might just be the best option for you as the fins have a reversible strap. If you usually have a hard time getting your size, a pair of fin sock got you covered. It has beautiful color combinations as well as a mesh bag for easy mobility.

Cressi Palau Long Fins

The Cressi Palau long fins are fondly referred to as ‘one size fits all.’ It is lightweight, flexible and has a compact design despite having a considerable length. This would give any swimmer the necessary control and reduce the feeling of being dragged down. For underwater trips, its right amount of thrust would do just fine. You can also propel with little or no effort.

Cressi’s first shot at the heel on a snorkeling fin was met with great success. However, finding one’s size can prove to be a difficult mission as it does not provide for all feet sizes. However, the beautiful part of this is the fact that it has an adjustable strap surrounding it which implies that no matter how long your feet seem, you would be enabled to wear these fins.

U.S. Divers Proflex FX Fins

Clearly, the U.S. Divers mean business as far as snorkeling fins are concerned. Their two years’ warranty is also speaking of their confidence in the product. Truth be told, a pair of U.S. Divers Proflex FX Fins looks cool! Swimmers are left with several options of designs and colors which are usually sleeker and seem more streamlined. Not just about looking cool, they are performance oriented as well.

A swimmer using this kind of fin would have seamless swimming as not much effort is needed. But with its small foot pocket, it might not fit everyone. Nevertheless, it remains a very good pair of fins as it is designed to last longer and to give swimmers good utility also.

U.S. Divers Aqua Lung Wave

This is highly recommended for traveling because it is compact and comfortable. It has a distinct blade option, as most blades have an elongated design, it has a more bulbous and shorter blade instead. Swimming is made more comfortable with this fin as it provides excellent snaps.

The atypical design is best suited to leisurely snorkeling but is great for going on vacation. Speaking of sizing, the sizing of these fins are regarded as a little restrictive. It also comes with an adjustable strap, so the issue of sizes is half solved. The foot pocket also offers up a comfortable fit and is quite flexible in terms of feet sizes as well. No jokes, it is a little expensive than an average fin, but it is still very much affordable. They are also well built with two years’ warranty usually attached.

Phantom Aquatics Speed Sports Adjustable Snorkeling Fin

This brand of snorkeling fins is solution-driven because it reduces the amount of effort needed underwater. Also, its extended sole plate helps to take away some of the exertions reducing the risk of sprain ankles. Notably, the fin is made of high-grade propylene, improving the efficiency while kicking but it has a disadvantage too. Believe me when I say the Phantom Aquatics is great for snorkeling.

Another notable feature of this variety is its adjustable straps behind the heel which has solved the problem of size and fitting to a reasonable extent. This might not be the greatest or the best of option in the market, but for its size, it definitely won’t be a bad choice.


Due to the differences in needs, desire, body structure, and other obvious factors, the best fins for one person might not be the best for another. After reading this guide, we hope that you are able to make a more educated decision on the best fins for you.