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Apemen Underwater Axtion Camera APEMEN Underwater Action Camera View Reviews
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victure action diving camera Victure Action Diving Camera View Reviews
akaso waterproof camcorder AKASO Waterproof Camcorder View Reviews
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gopro hero 5 camera GoPro HERO5 Waterproof Action Camera View Reviews
paralenz camera Paralenz Dive Camera View Reviews
dragon touch action camera Dragon Touch Action Camera View Reviews

You might be an underwater photographer or like to spend the weekends going diving. You want a waterproof camera to be able to capture the various creatures you encounter during your underwater adventures. Here are some of the best cameras to bring on your next diving trip.

apemen underwater action camera

This camera lets you take high quality photos and HD videos. It has a two inch display and a wide angle lens to give you a broad perspective. It has a built in anti shaking gyroscope to keep any videos taken stable.

This makes it a good camera to bring along for any water activities. It has built in wifi that will let you share any photos and videos that you want.

There’s also a cam app that you can download to be able to control the camera. It has several recording modes and a portable carrying bag.

crosstour action camera

This underwater camera has a wide angle lens to broadly be able to capture footage. There’s a water proof case that will protect the camera so it can perform at its best while underwater.

It has an anti shake feature so any footage you record will be stable and smooth. It includes built in wifi and a yutupro app that lets you control the camera from your phone (or whatever device it happens to be downloaded on).

There’s a pack of various accessories that can be useful while in the outdoors. This camera has similar features to the one above.

victure action camera

This camera has an LCD screen that will give all of your photos and videos amazing quality. This camera also has built in wifi like the ones before it that lets you edit and share your footage to social media.

This camera also has a wide angle lens for a wider and broader view of your underwater adventure. This camera is equipped with a water proof case and can be used while diving up to one hundred thirty feet.

The charger can charge two batteries at the same time. These two batteries can record three hours of footage, so you’ll be able to capture every minute of your dive.

Akaso Waterproof Camcorder

This underwater camera has a ten eighty video resolution of sixty frames per second. Any photos and videos you take will be of HD quality. The angle of the view can be adjusted so that you can capture the best footage.

It has an anti shake feature to give you stable footage. This camera also includes wifi and an app that will let you control the camera. It has a water proof case, so you can take it with you while you go diving. It comes with a kit full of accessories such as rechargeable batteries.

Nikon Waterproof Camera

This camera is water proof along with freeze proof and dust proof. It has capabilities such as auto focus.

You can take HD photos and videos in high resolution. You can create time lapse videos with this camera. It includes an optical zoom lens and hybrid stabilization. It includes various features such as wifi and bluetooth.

gopro hero 5 camera

With this camera, you’ll be able to perfectly capture your surroundings with high quality photos and videos.

It’s designed to be durable and water proof at a depth of thirty three feet. It includes features such as being able to preview the footage you’ve taken and edit it. Just like the cameras mentioned above, any video footage that’s recorded will appear smooth and stable.

If you decide to go with the GoPro Hero5, we highly reccomend using a Movo underwater diving rig. The aluminum tray will keep all recorded footage stable during a dive.

This mount supports a GoPro and other action cameras. Other diving gear such as a microphone or light can be mounted as well. There are multiple mounts so that all the gear you bring can be mounted at once. An adjustable strap is included to be sure that the camera won’t get dropped.

paralenz dive camera

This camera has a battery life of over three hours. It has a depth color correction so you don’t have to add filters to any photos or videos. It’s made of aluminum and built to be sturdy, but easily can be carried in the palm of your hand.

This camera has a dive app where any of your footage can be uploaded and shared. This is the best underwater camera for diving as it was created by divers.

Dragon Touch Action Camera This camera takes photos and videos with high resolution to give you the best underwater footage. The zoom range feature also helps with getting impressive diving footage.

There’s a wireless remote that can be worn on your wrist to capture footage when the camera is out of reach. The camera has wifi so that all footage captured from your diving adventure will be saved.

This camera comes with a water proof case and other accessories that are available with most action cameras.


These are some of the best underwater cameras. With these cameras, you’ll have the best photos and videos of your trip underwater. You’ll get to relive the excitement and share it with your friends.