Having a waterproof backpack that you can trust is key on any adventure.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely wondering what waterproof backpack is best for you.

This is where ScubaOtter comes in.

This guide will compare and contrast several waterproof backpacks on a variety of factors such as price, weight, material quality, and more to allow you to make the best choice possible for your next adventure.

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Timbuk 2 Spire
FE Active Cloudbreak
AquaQuest Stylin
AquaQuest Himal
Mountain Hardwear Scrambler

TimBuk2 Spirebackpack

This backpage is a fantastic choice for those looking for everyday use. It’s not the most stylish bag by any means… but will certainly keep your stuff safe. As a digital nomad, I find waterproof bags that have places for laptops to be extremelt convenient which is why I rank this backpack so high.

Lowepro DryZone 200 Camera Backpack

This bag was made for photographers who like to be in the middle of the action. No matter the conditions that mother natures throws at you, you’ll be able to get the perfect shot without ever worrying if your equipment is ok.

FE Active CloudBreak

This bag is great for all sorts of outdoor activities. Made from the most friendly marine grade PVC Tarpaulin, this bag is made for the great outdoors. Take this badboy on every excursion and not even worry about your stuff getting wet/dirty.

In addition, this bag features padded shoulder and arm straps with a mesh lining allowing extra comfort. There’s a pouch on the side for the storage of water bottles and other things that is somewaht secure.

AquaQuest Stylin

The AquaQuest Stylin will get the job done. It’s not the most pricey or flashy bag, but it does exactly what you need it to do, keep your stuff safe.

It comes in Pink/Black as well as Red and Black. I personally like the red and black but this is enitrely up to you. Expect to pay around ~$80 for this bag.

AquaQuest Himal

The AquaQuest Himal is the younger brother of the Stylin as you can probably tell from the name. The bag comes in stylish black, blue, and camo. The bag is 100% waterproof and can be used on a range of activities from the outdoors to daily life. No matter the conditions, rain, snow, sand or dirt, the AquaQuest Himal has got you covered.

The bag ways just over a pound making it wasy to carry. The bag is also extremely compact, being able to compress to 11 x 4 x 1.5 dimensions. In terms of pricing, expect to pay around $40.

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler

The Mountain hardwear Scrambler is construcuted with efficiency and useability in mind. Designed to work for all tasks, you’ll find this bag to be able to store almost everything in a comfortable manner. I see this bag most often used by mountain bikers, hikers, rock climbers and snowboarders.

The bag has the dimensions of 20 x 13 x 5 inches and is around 1.6 pounds.


Hopefully this guide helped you find a backpack that suits your needs. If you want to suggest a backpack to add, send us a message on our contact form.