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Best Dive Insurance Options For 2020

Jan 01 2019


Having scuba diving insurance is key to keeping yourself protected. Compare and contrast top dive insurance options.

What are Thermoclines?

Jul 20 2019


Thermoclines are a natural occurence in bodies of water that cause certain properties to vary such as temperature and visibility.

What is Nitrox? Why Should I Use It?

Oct 15 2019


Ever see those neon green and yellow scuba diving tanks and wonder what they are? Read our ultimate nitrox guide to find out more!

Ear Equalization Guide

Oct 20 2019


Have you ever experienced slight discomfort while descending underwater? This is likely due to the increased pressure our ears and other natural air spaces undergo while diving.

Safety Stop Guide

Oct 21 2019


If you've done any dive of significant depth, you've likely performed a safety stop at one point or another. Want to know why us divers do them? Keep reading!

Scuba Air Consumption Tips

Nov 02 2019


Mastering your air consumption while diving is key to getting the most bottom time possible. Here's 5 tips to help master air consumption.

Buy Scuba Gear With Bitcoin

Nov 30 2019


Buying scuba gear with Bitcoin is not a popular option but 100% doable. Read this guide to learn more!

Scuba Diving For Beginners

Jan 01 2020


Scuba diving can be an intimidating activity for beginners. Keep reading to learn what you need to know to get your feet wet.

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