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Liveaboards in Indonesia

Indonesian liveaboard tours offer people once in a lifetime opportunities to explore beautiful Southeast Asian geography in an alluring manner.

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Why Dive on a Liveaboard?

Liveaboards provide an amazing new way to get the most out of your diving experience.

Access to More Locations

When diving normally, there are only so many dive sites reachable by small boats. Some of the options available on will go over 1000 kilometers off shore to reach never before seen dive locations.

We get it, sometimes it's better to not share dive sites with other people. The further you go out on your liveaboard, the less likely you'll run into pesky tourist divers.

Accessability to Dives

While on the liveaboard, you'll have near nonsotp access to the water for dives. As long as you are within your dive tables and not too drunk, feel free to hop back into the water!

Experts Only...Well Sometimes

We've all been there. Your preparing to go out on a dive and some newbie is sturggling to even get their fins on.

While getting beginners into the hobby is great for the sport, it's not always the most fun to deal with. Esepcially when on vacation. You'll encounter a whole lot less noobs on these excursions.

Social Scene & Enviroment

Liveaboards provide an excellent way for like minded divers to meet and share amazing experiences.

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