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Indonesian liveaboard tours offer people once in a lifetime opportunities to explore beautiful Southeast Asian geography in an alluring manner.

Through a liveaboard tour experience in Indonesia—visitors dwell in boat cabins while traveling routes that highlight some of the breathtaking scenery the country has to offer.

If you want to go on an Indoesian liveaboard rated highly by many that’s still affordable, look no further than the Tiare Cruise.

Why Go On A Liveaboard?

Along with beautiful sights marked by thousands of islands and Herculean mountains—Indonesian liveaboards offer visitors a chance to explore some of the world’s most acclaimed marine epicenters through a plethora of dive sites.

indonesia diving locations

Choosing your ship is half the fun with a liveaboard trip. Visitors interested in booking a liveaboard experience can select a boat that provides distinctive or even eccentric design in suiting their travel needs.

Below we’ll explore some of the most popular Indonesian liveaboard options.

Best Liveaboards in Indonesia

tiare cruise

If you’re looking for a chic and intimate liveaboard experience when visiting Indonesia, look no further than Tiare Cruise.

Operating year-round and sophisticated in its design, Tiare Cruise hosts no more than 12 guests and makes notable stops through the following sites:

  • Komodo National Park
  • East Flores
  • Alor
  • The Forgotten Islands
  • Banda Sea
  • Raja Ampat

Tiare Cruise is an excellent choice for diving enthusiasts as each traveling member of the boat is provided with a diving station that includes personal storage. The ship’s dive deck also features hot water showers.

tiare cruise

Diving equipment is present aboard Tiara Cruise and members of the boat will have the choice between using air or nitrox.

Each diver on Tiare Cruise will be given an Enos GPS beacon as a safety precaution.

If you’re interested in expanding your underwater photo collection, Tiare Cruise contains a dedicated photography room with benches and charging stations.

The vessel features six individual cabins that host 12 or fewer occupants. You’d assume you’re at a hotel when aboard the Tiare Cruise.

Each cabin features a hairdryer, AC, fresh drinking water, toiletries, and a beach bag that contains a hat, towel, tanning lotion, and thermos.

Designed in part to elevate your social experience while sailing, Tiare Cruise features air-conditioned lounges that provide coffee, wine, juicers, fridges, as well as ice.

Sailing aboard the Tiare Cruise will allow you to explore the local cuisine of Indonesia while you navigate its waters.

Meals are prepared fresh using local gourmet cuisine in addition to added international dishes.

Have dietary restrictions? No problem. Tiare Cruise can cater to your nutritional needs with advanced notice. Traveling members of Tiare Cruise can choose to enjoy their meals outside on the ship’s main deck, or in the indoor lounge.

When relaxing during your journey, check out the outdoor ‘Bow Lounge.’ This lounge is covered and offer guests a chance to take in stunning Indonesian views in a comfortable manner.

If you’re looking to work on your tan, Tiare Cruise additionally provides a sun deck for its guests.

  • Dedicated camera room
  • Great food
  • Extremely comfortable living
  • Massages on board
  • Somewhat pricey
  • Not great for beginners
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gaia love liveaboard

Are you looking for a yacht type of feel during your liveaboard experience?

Operating year-round, Gaia Love’s facilities offers guests an opulent guided tour through some of Indonesia’s leading dive sites including:

  1. Raja Ampat (North and South)
  2. Komodo National Park
  3. Banda Sea
  4. Lesser Sunda Islands

Gaia Love can accommodate up to 22 guests in its roomy cabins. These roomy cabins contain ensuite bathrooms, spacious storage, as well as individual AC controls.

Your romantic vision of sailing through Indonesia will come to fruition as Gaia Love’s upper cabins feature large windows that include private outdoor balconies.

When socializing with fellow guests on Gaia Love, look to the following areas:

  1. Indoor salon and dining area
  2. Outdoor lounge and dining area
  3. Partially covered sun deck and fresh air dining section

gaia love liveaboard deck

These common areas are modern in their design and will provide ample opportunities to experience Indonesian scenery from an elevated perspective.

The diving deck is one of Gaia Love’s most spacious areas as it’s designed to accommodate up to 28 divers. Divers will be further assisted by Gaia Love’s two 5.5 meter skiffs for increased accessibility of dive sites.

  • Dedicated camera room
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raja laut

Emperor Raja Laut offers guests a lower rate than most liveaboard experiences without compromising quality.

Emperor Raja Laut provides divers with plenty of opportunities to explore desired destinations such as:

  1. Komodo National Park: June-September
  2. Raja Ampat: November
  3. Banda Islands: Limited trips throughout the year

While Emperor Raja Laut operates year-round, double-check to see if the tour will include your desired stops as some destinations only occur during specific times of the year.

The areas highlighted within Komodo National Park will allow a chance to see a komodo dragon in addition to manta rays, sharks, and more.

The above listed limited trips provide exploration through marine epicenters that contain hammerheads, colorful fish, as well as mounds of coral.

The facilities of Emperor Raja Laut contain tropical hardwood that serves to provide guests with an elegant feel during their stay.

raja cruise deck

Emperor Raja Laut accommodates up to 12 guests via six en-suite cabins. These cabins contain personal bathrooms, storage space, as well as individual AC controls.

You won’t have to stray far from your cabins to experience Raja Laut’s social areas.

The boat’s common areas are located on the same deck of the cabins and feature a 49 Inch HD Flat Screen TV, games, movies, a mini-bar, and a library.

One of Emperor Raja Laut’s original features includes an outdoor dining area situated conveniently under an awning.

Take in the stunning sights of Indonesia while participating in al-fresco style dining!

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lagaligo liveaboard

La Galigo was designed by an avid diver and built by traditional Sulawesi craftsmen. Lifestyle and comfort are the emphases of La Galigo.

On the main deck, local and international dishes are freshly made by La Galigo’s head chef.

While merely lounging on the main floor, explore the stocked bookcase and charge your devices through one of the boat’s many power sources.

La Galigo contains seven private cabins with controlled air conditioning. For added luxury, guests can select ‘The Suite’ which includes a private balcony, a 48 inch TV, a PlayStation 4, as well as sweeping 270-degree views.

Sporting a pirate look, the aesthetic of La Galigo is striking as the primary coloring of bold red acts as a smooth contrast with the boat’s wooden finish.

The good news for divers with this vessel is that La Galigo ventures through Raja Ampat. You’ll be sure to make your friends jealous with all the beautiful marine life that dwells in these islands.

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tiare cruise

If you’re looking for a liveaboard experience with optimal sailing capabilities in addition to steady comfort features, the Raja Ampat Aggressor has what you need.

This 30-meter vessel was built specifically for diving. Easy access to waters is provided for guests as dinghies exist on the lower portion of the dive deck during travel.

The Raja Ampat Aggressor is capable of accommodating a more sizeable party with eight ensuite cabins that can host up to 16 passengers.

For liveaboard members wishing to see a large variety of sites, The Raja Ampat Aggressor will cover more ground than the average boat with an impressive cruising speed of 10 knots.

Sites visited during this liveaboard experience:

  • Raja Ampat
  • Cenderawasih Bay
  • Banda Sea
  • Triton Bay

Safety is a prime initiative on this liveaboard experience as the vessel contains three 420Hp engines that drive three propellers for added security.

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When to Go To Indonesia

While many liveaboard experiences in Indonesia occur on a year-round basis, timing when planning your trip to Indonesia can increase the efficiency and satisfaction of your journey.

The two seasons in Indonesia to be aware of when booking your trip are the dry and wet seasons.

While Indonesia is a vast country, most of the nation’s wet season occurs between October and April. The dry season in Indonesia is the best time to visit and occurs between May and September.

Scuba Diving In Indonesia

Indonesia is generally considered the most significant place on Earth to dive as the country has more marine diversity than any other location.

Indonesia is at the heart of Earth’s ‘Coral Triangle’ and contains 20% of the world’s coral reefs with over 600 coral species.

To complement the ample amounts of still healthy coral, over 3,000 species of fish roam the area’s waters.

As commonly mentioned in the article, Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat are Indonesia’s two most frequently visited diving destinations.

Raja Ampat’s claim to fame is the waters feature the most biodiverse population of marine life on the planet.

Komodo is a great option to accommodate a spectrum of budgets while providing sights of coral, mantas, sharks, and land visits to spot a Komodo Dragon.

Some liveaboard experiences will venture further off the beaten path. These vessels explore areas such as the Banda Islands where fewer boats and more passionate divers spend their time.

If you’re new to diving, don’t worry about keeping up as many liveaboards offer accommodation to all experience levels. An added tip for less experienced divers is to participate in shorter cruises.


Through an Indonesian liveaboard experience, guests will be able to experience exceptional diving opportunities while aboard a vessel designed to suit individual needs.

Your dive experience will reach a satisfactory level via a liveaboard as the time between dives is seen as essential. Comfort features such as al-fresco style dining and lounge decks will help you recharge so you can stay up to pace with your planned routes.

You’ll want to remember this journey, so take time in between dives to log your trips and examine the photos.

Many liveaboards offer guests the ability to rent equipment. If you’re going on multiple liveaboard excursions per-year—the cost of renting numerous times can equal or exceed the cost of purchasing your equipment.

If uninterested in purchasing personal equipment, guests on a liveaboard can arrive additionally prepared by bringing some of the following essential dive equipment:

  1. Mask
  2. Dive computer
  3. Underwater Camera
  4. Wetsuit
  5. Neoprene socks

Use your liveaboard experience as an opportunity to disconnect. Many routes have areas where internet connection is slim to none.

If less interested in diving, many liveaboards offer passengers opportunities for land excursions that explore local islands with lagoons and beaches. More interested in island life? We’ve covered diving at the famous Indonesian Gili Island’s in another guide.

Ready to dive in?