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We get it.

You’re planning your dream dive vacation to the Philippines, but don’t know which liveaboard to choose.

Finding the right liveaboard for you isn’t the easiest. And that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the 5 best liveaboards in the Philippines.

If you’re looking for a top tier liveaboard experience proven by years of operation, look no further than the Infiniti.

However, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to liveaboards, so feel free to continue reading and take a look at some other popular options.

Why Go On A Philippine Liveaboard?

Diving among the 7,107 islands in the Philippines is something every diver should go through at least once in their life.

However, it can be pretty difficult to reach these islands without the proper dive setup.

Liveaboards in the Philippines allow divers to get the most out of their time by being brought to the most exclusive dive sites.

Now that you know why liveaboards are the best approach to diving in the Philippines, let’s jump into some of the most popular options.

Best Liveaboards In Philippines

solitude one liveaboard

Incorporating smart design and functionality, the Solitude One Liveaboard takes the first place on our list. The yacht is a 52m ex-merchant vessel that has gone through a full reconstruction in 2013.

If you’re looking for comfortable rooms with air conditioning and plush comfy chairs where you can give your body a complete relaxation after a tiring day diving then the Solitude One would be the perfect fit for you.

Besides AC, other great features you can find in the cabins are free Wi-Fi, hairdryers, bathrobes, and state of the art walls.

solitude one rooms

Maybe you want to chill out and relax on a sunny day? That wouldn’t represent a problem for the Solitude One vessel. That’s simply because it features an astonishing sun deck with comfortable lounge chairs.

You can simply sit down and contemplate the mind-obsessive stillness of the sea, or some dolphins breaking the surface in the distance.

But this is not an end to the Solitude One’s awesome features and amenities.

If you were wondering if the food is going to be flavorful, then your guess is right. You’ll be definitely satisfied with the abundant menu that the kitchen offers.

solitude one food

When you book a stay at the Solitude One vessel, you’ll be able to explore the astonishing diving sites of Palau. Or maybe enjoy the incredibly crystal clear waters of the Philippines at ease and comfort.

A thing to be aware of is that groups on this boat are kept small to provide better customer service and experience. Whether you’re a diving newbie or an expert, crew professionals are always available when issues occur.

The Solitude One vessel is priced at $164 per day and is definitely worth the price. Book your stay today and head to a fantastic adventure that you will definitely share with your family and friends after.

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infiniti liveaboard

If you are simply searching for a comfortable yacht that features beautiful cabins with multiple amenities to make your stay simply the best, the Infiniti Liveaboard would be perfect for you.

The vessel is 38m long, and it allows bookings all year round.

It offers many divers the chance of visiting and exploring Malapascua and Tubbataha National Park. When you stumble on these diving sites, you’ll have the opportunity to dive with underwater critters.

Some of which are thresher sharks and whale sharks. You’ll able to contemplate the remarkable coral reefs at the Tubbataha National Reef Park.

Aside from the diving itineraries, each of the eleventh cabins on the Infiniti offers a pleasant bathroom and a large window or a porthole. That way, you can contemplate the beauty of the sea even while you’re taking a shower.

infiniti bathroom

What’s even better is that when it’s time to relax, simply head to the indoor or outdoor lounge, and take a nap at a comfortable hammock or a lounge chair. This would be a perfect place for meditation, relaxation, and sunbathing.

If you have any concerns about the Infiniti vessel’s cuisine, we want to put those fears to rest.

A various sized menu is available at the indoor dining area so you can pick a favorite meal. Snacks are also available throughout the day.

infiniti dining

The Infiniti yacht is perfect for people who evaluate comfort and convenience as a priority.

Book your stay now at the everyday price of $140 per day and take part in an incredible diving trip.

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seadoors liveaboard

The Seadoors yacht is a 28m long and luxurious vessel, specially designed for diving enthusiasts.

It offers 8 beautifully designed cabins that can accommodate up to 2 people each.

The maximum capacity of the yacht sums up 16 people with each room built to deliver exceptional comfort. every single cabin features a functional AC plus a queen-sized bed, bathroom, and towels are also available.

If you want to relax and leave the moment to be, you can simply head to the air-conditioned center of the first deck. There you can find plush and comfy lounge chairs to sit and enjoy your day.

seadoors lounge

What’s even more, is that this vessel features a marine library with a flat-screen TV. So you can watch movies when you’re tired in the evening. Beautiful panoramic views are something that is included in your dining menu in addition to the flavorful cuisine.

seadoors cabin

When you book a stay at the Seadoors vessel, you’ll be able to explore a vast array of dive sites. Some of which are the beautiful reefs of the Tubbataha Park, Malapascua, where you’ll be ready to dive with Thresher sharks, and Leyte, which happens to be home to a lot of whale sharks.

There’s an experienced crew available to assist you in any of your dive trips whenever a problem occurs.

You’ll be able to book a stay on the Seadoors vessel at an affordable price of $106 per day. The yacht is simply magnificent and is definitely worth every penny.

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dolphin liveaboard

If you’re simply looking for a budget-friendly option that provides excellent comfort, then the Dolphin yacht would be a perfect fit for any diving enthusiast.

It features 9 air-conditioned cabins that can fit up to two people each. This means 18 people would be the very maximum of this vessel.

What’s nice about the rooms is that they are provided with a suitable bathroom and towels. 2 VIP cabins, featuring an additional sofa and a TV, are available on the upper deck.

dolphin cabin

When it comes to relaxation, it is worth mentioning that the Dolphin vessel delivers an open-air lounge area at the top deck. There you can chill after an exhausting day of diving.

In the dining room, delicious Asian-fusion cuisine is served.

dolphin dining

Booking a stay at the Dolphin liveaboard means that you’ll be able to visit all-year-round the Tubbataha National Reef Park, Apo and Coron reefs.

The Tubbataha area is typically only available from March to June, and 90% of the coral species can be found there. The Tabbataha National Park is home to 11 species of sharks, including whale sharks and manta rays.

It’s definitely an awesome place that is worth paying a visit. In the time between June and February, you’ll be able to visit Apo Reef and Coron. What’s unique about Coron is that it is famous for its astonishing wreck diving.

Accommodated with the Apo Reef, those places, make a spectacular diving journey. The everyday price for the Dolphin vessel is at $107. The yacht is definitely worth it due to its awesome itineraries and comfortable cabins.

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discovery liveaboard

The Discovery Adventure yacht is a 48m long vessel that has gone through a complete renovation in 2016. 13 cabins are featured on this yacht, accommodating a maximum of 26 people.

Each room is made with a straightforward yet attractive design. AC plus bathroom is included in each and every room. The lounge area features air-conditioners with comfy chairs. There you will be able to chill out after an exhausting diving day.

discovery cabin

The Discovery Adventure yacht delivers you the opportunity to visit the astonishing coral reefs of the Tubbataha National Park and the fantastic diving sites of Palau.

You’ll be able to witness an underwater life like any other. Exotic corals, abundant marine life, vast arrays of fish, and even whale sharks will be something that you’ll be able to contemplate.

discovery corals

Booking a stay at Discovery Adventure would be the perfect option for you if you are looking to explore the fantastic dive sites of Palau and the massive coral reefs of the Tubbataha National Park. The everyday price comes at $162 per day.

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When To Dive In Philippines

Typically, you’ll be able to dive in the Philippines all year round. However, weather conditions and the overall diving experience differ in the summer and winter.

For example, typhoons are something you definitely want to avoid. They frequently occur in the months from September to December.

Usually, the best time to dive in the Philippines is during the dry days which start from March and end in June. This is typically the time when the water is warmest and the visibility brightest.

The water temperature can range between 23-30*C or 73-86F, which is perfectly fine for diving. However, the range span for the visibility is quite vast (5-45 meters) depending on the weather conditions.

What’s more, is that diving in the Philippines delivers fantastic opportunities such as exploring marine wildlife, particularly whale sharks, which tend to appear from March to May.

Incredible coral reefs and diving places can be found in the Tabbataha National Park. They are best to be explored during the dry season from March to June when visibility is at its best.

Diving In The Philippines

With its 7,107 islands and 2,000 species of fish, the Philippines form one of the most incredible diving places in the world. Diving in the Philippines should be a must for every diving enthusiast.

Diving in the Philippines is available all year round. During that time you’ll be able to visit and contemplate amazing dive places and critters. To be more specific - astonishing coral reefs, whale and thresher sharks, historic wrecks, and many more areas waiting for you to examine them.

One of the incredible islands you can delve into in the Philippines would be Malapascua. There you can see some rare species of sharks such as thresher sharks, along with manta rays and other pelagic wonders and critters.

When visiting the Philippines with the purpose of liveaboard diving, one of the best places to do that would be the Tabbataha National Reef Park. This place boasts with a reputation of being one of the best diving places in the world.

This is due to its magnificent coral reefs. This site should definitely be visited by every man who calls himself a dive enthusiast. Besides coral reefs, other fascinating creatures can also be found, like hammerhead sharks and beautiful turtles.


The Philippines is simply one of a kind diving destination that will absolutely leave you highly impressed. It features some of the most trending and beautiful diving places in the world that every diver, no matter newbie or experienced, should visit.