Welcome to ScubaOtter! If you stumbled upon this website to learn about scuba and beach equipment than this is your ultimate source. Below we have organized some popular beach items compared and contrasted.

Even if you’re not scuba diving, hopefully you’re enjoying some time at the beach or in the great outdoors.

Best Waterproof Backpack

Having a backpack that can withstand the great outdoors is key to having an amazing experience. However, the best waterproof backpack for one person might not be the best for another.

This is why we have compared and contrasted some of the most popular waterproof backpacos out there allowing you to make an educated shopping decision.

Best Beach Chairs

While spending time at the beach, you’re going to want to find a beach chair that accomadates your needs. Certain chairs are better for families as they are light and able to be carried by children.

Others are great for spending time in the sun and come equipped for a place for an umbrella. There is no best beach chair for everyone. Check out the guide to find the best beach chair for you.

Best Underwater Cameras

Having a camera that can withstand the elements is important to any adventure. For scuba divers, the ability to record your dives is awesome to show people that are too scared to dive what they are missing out on.

Due to the way light projects underwater, certain lenses are needed to retain colors. this guide will compare and contrast different options for underwater cameras allowing you to pick the best one.

Best Underwater Cameras for Scuba Diving

While most underwater cameras can be used to record video while snorkeling, you’re gonna need some specialized equipment for deeper dives. This is due to the way color diffuses when deep underwater.

This might be difficult to understand for those that haven’t tried recording on a dive, but this effect is certainly real! That is why this guide will compare and contrast different options for scuba diving cameras and will allow you to make the best choice.

Best Sling Backpacks

Sling backpacks are not only stylish but extremely practical for the outdoors. Slingback packs are lightweight and often water resistant giving them the ScubaOtter seal of approval.

Depending on certain factors such as style, price, comfort, and more, ScubaOtter will compare and contrast some of the best slign backpacks allowing you to make the best choice possible.