Welcome to ScubaOtter! If you stumbled upon this website to learn about scuba equipment than this is your ultimate source. Below we have organized some popular scuba and snorkel items compared and contrasted.

Listed below we have several articles about some of the most important scuba diving equipment. These articles source together some of the most commonly searched phrases on Google making out guides extremely indepth.

Best Scuba Diving BCDS

Scuba Diving buoyancy control devices are an essential piece of equipment as they are often the most expensive. They control your buoyancy (duh!) which is the ability you have to float or sink in water.

Most divers prefer BCDs with remote although some of them can be inflated manually with your breath. This guide will compare some of the most popular BCDs out their to allow you to get the perfect one for you.

Best Scuba Diving Computers

Scuba diving computers are best for intermediate to advanced divers who want to be more in control of their dive. These computers offer personalized information about your dive such as bottom time, depth, and more.

Best Scuba Diving Mask

If you’re about to read this guide, you’re most likely wondering what things to take into account when searching for a scuba diving mask. This article will compare and contrast 5 popular scuba diving masks based off their price, fog resistance, comfort, style, and how air tight they are.

Best Scuba Diving Fins

Having great fins are essential for any diver. Not only do having properly fitted fins improve comfort, but they also can conserve air by allowing you to get more out of your thrusts.

In addition to comfort, this guide will rank the top scuba diving fins based off their price, style, and more. This is one slot that you are going to want to go quality on.